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May 27th 2007
Lake Video

So I've found a new way to become an addict. When I discover a new ability, branch, outlet that I find interesting and repeatable I jump in immediately. I did a couple tests with my tripod to see if I could get "some" kind of video playback that was remotely viewable. What I've found in my great dorkness is that I really dig the quality and audio. The sound of the exhaust in the distance. Trees swooshing by. Insane detail in the scenes... I'm becoming video hooked.

The first test was on a back road off a main highway (if it's still up, you can check out the homepage). Then it was on the actual highway (yet to be posted - not sure if I will due to it's content). The next drive I thought I'd share is a great spot over by a local lake. Great roads; lots of twists and good turns. The weather is crappy, so I figured no one would be out save for the random fisherman. Little did I know I'd come right up on an officer of the law.

Unable to resist the temptation, I did one more stretch out by the lake then called it a day. The tripod mount setup is perfect. The camera shake that I was concerned with is almost non-existant. I'm dying to find other local haunts to share the roads and turns with everyone out here in Porsche cyberspace.

I'm toying with the idea of creating a new section on 89C4 dedicated to all videos as opposed to spreading them throughout. But, for the time being check out sections to see where I've included my latest creations.

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