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Initial Check-Up
Rear Spoiler
Engine Drop
B&B Exhaust
Stereo Tune-Up

Upgraded Stereo And Repaired Speaker
All I've ever wanted was to be able to play my iPod in my car. I purchased a travel kit to do this, but due to the feedback I was getting, the sound was crap. Incidentally, we use the travel setup in the wife's Benz, and it sounds great. So, when the Imagine guys put in my new stereo I checked with Crutchfield to see if it had an iPod attachment. It does. So I got it. When I got the car back, I attempted to pull the stereo out, but not wanting to crack anything moments after I got her back (and because I blew out a speaker at some-point) I decided to take her to some experts.

They installed the iPod cable on the spot, replaced the blown out speakers, and re-atached my rear subs. They also tuned my amp so I could get the most out of my tunes. As you can hear Beastie Boys sound awesome.


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