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It rains, and I park very far away
Because I've beeen so succesful at capturing other Porsche's on the road (in part to my new TREO and it's handy-dandy digital camera), I thought it only appropriate to dedicate a section to the many Porsche's in my sights.
911 C4S Convertable on the PlazaMD Boxter
While in MD visiting family we went into downtown for brunch. On our walk back from a very nice meal I spotted this Boxter on the street. I took a couple shots of both the car and the family walking by the car to not look so obvious I was really taking pictures of the car... not so much the family.
911 C4S Convertable on the PlazaColorado Targa
While on our summer trip to Colorado we stopped at a motel to rest for the night. As we pulled in I caught this in the parking lot. Very clean. I don't normally like the brown 911s, but this one was very well taken care of.
911 C4S Convertable on the PlazaThe 914 That Got Away
Local traffic patterns have been screwed up here due to construction. So a road I normally drive I just haven't in a while. So I was surprised to see that a local gas station had been dozed and people were selling their used cars there. Wait a second, is that a 914? Let me tell you, it did need some work (VERY minor), but it was a fantastic example. I should have bought it on the spot. I should have offered him $500 less then his asking and driven it home. I walked out of the house with these words from my wife "...promise me you won't buy it until Stephen has had a chance to look it over...promise ME..." So I did, and I started the process of getting it over to Stephen to look it over... and I get a call that the car sold to the OTHER guy who was there looking at it same time I was...
911 C4S Convertable on the PlazaPorsche Three-Way
Again, stopping by Imagine always has a good chance to show some cool Porsche's. I'm in the middle this time.
911 C4S Convertable on the PlazaGold 944 on Southwest Traffic
Southwest Traffic is right around the corner from my office. I visit a client which requires me to cut through on my way back. Sitting right there at a used car dealership is a gold 944. It's been there for over a month. Since I'm not in the market for a gold 944 I haven't stopped by and taken her for a test drive.
911 C4S Convertable on the PlazaHalloween Parade RS
This past Halloween we dressed up the kiddies for our downtown parade. Beautiful day to walk around the block, go trick-or-treating sponsored by the local retailers, and... wait, is that a black RS? Tucked right on the main strip was an early 90's RS. Needless to say, my wife used my photo capturing need to poke fun. Justified.
911 C4S Convertable on the Plaza996 993 (thanks David for keeping me honest) In The Snow
If I want an easy Porsche sighting all I have to do is swing by Imagine Auto. Odds are out front there are at least 2-3, while around back there are always a set of cars in progress. This one I can across during my "first" engine rebuild when I was stopping by to check progress.
Another 911 shot at my officeAt Work Again
Man, is my office park hopping with Porsches these days! The owner actually had the top down today (in the 70s here currently).
911 shot at my officeAt Work
It's always nice to drive in early and see one of these sitting in the parking lot. Half asleep, I walked up to her, pulled out my camera, and caught the shot. After, I just kept walking. I almost forgot I took the images till I went to clean out my camera.
On the Plaza
We were driving back from KS when I noticed this Carrera from the other side of the river. I did a quick left and slowed down to capture her. Tail was up? Stuck? I don't know why it would be forced up.
Office Park Parking Lot
I've driven by this Boxter a couple times now. I'm guessing I'll be seeing a lot more of it from now on. It's a couple buildings over from where I'll be working.
301 in MD
We were driving down 301 when I noticed a 911 on a tractor trailer. The wife started to freak when I tried to snap a shot. As we merged onto 495 I got another chance, but this time it was a silver Boxter on the road.
Driving to Work
I was on 50 highway in the left lane passing cars when i noticed something. I grabed my cell, pointed out the front window, snap. Cayman. Black.

Harry's in River Market
Cool bar - I go there becuase I can smoke cigars and that they carry my brand of cigar - Cohiba.

944 Turbo on 50 hwy
Traffic was bad; so I felt like a dick when I blew by him while merging. I tried to slow down to hold a hand of "hey" but he then flew by me.
911 at Legacy Park
My wife was getting pretty pissed at me because we had to leave and I kept backing up the car to get just the right shot.
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