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20 Years Later | New 911
I hate summer colds. I also hate being a slacker. I read this article from Popular Mechanics last week and I never posted about it; 2009 Porsche 911 Carrera & Carrera S Test Drive: Tweaked for Power, Efficiency & New Tech. Now, you may be asking yourself "Andrew, what the hell, it's no C4..." and you would be correct, but it's the profile shot that got my attention. 20 years after my 1989 964 was introduced as

"...a car that was 85% new compared to the Carrera 3.2... Porsche Evolution"

From the article:

"...Not much is new on the outside, but the 911s for ’09 are identifiable by the revised front bumper and larger air intakes, as well as by new large mirrors and the bright strip of LEDs below the headlights that serve as daytime running lights. Inside the car, there’s a new communication management system, PCM 3.0, with a new touchscreen feature. And the car accepts all the latest MP3 gadgetry... PM"

Now, they are referring to the lack of exterior changes from the previous release, but have a look at the evolution above... the core is still 911. And my 911 accepts an iPod, thank you very much.


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